Labor Day Weekend 1981

At the beach, if you drove to the end of the rode and walked about a quarter of a mile through the dunes, it was an unofficial nude beach. No one bothered you out there and the park rangers didn’t say anything if there were no complaints and there usually never was. We got a case of beer and gave Bob and Marcia a call to see if they wanted to go with us.

Marcia said they were tied up for a bit but would meet us out there. Bob knew the nude beach was out there, but Marcia didn’t and Bob wasn’t going to tell her.

When they arrive at the beach, Laney and I had already set up our spot and Laney had taken her top off to get some sun. Bob acted surprised to see Laney topless and Marcia was real flustered and didn’t know what to say. Laney just acted like everything was normal and went about her business helping them set their stuff up.

We popped open a couple of beers and started drinking. When Marcia caught Bob checking out Laney’s tits, she would elbow him. After we all had a beer, Laney suggested to Marcia that she get comfortable and take her top off telling her how good the sun and the breeze felt on her tits. Marcia said she had never been topless outside before and didn’t think she should.

We broke open another beer and sat there talking. Laney got some suntan oil and started oiling up her upper body and breasts. I started making comments about how they jiggled and that she must be excited because her nipples were standing up and Mark joined in on the comments. Marcia was getting a little more relaxed so Laney again suggested to Marcia that she take her top off. With a little extra persuading from Bob, she finally removed her top and let those perky little tits I had been longing to see get some air.

For a while, Marcia just sat on the blanket looking like she was afraid to move, but when Bob, Laney and I decided to go in the water, she decided to join us. Wow, did she look hot all wet with those nipples poking out like pencil erasers!

We decided to have a chicken fight in the water. With Laney on my shoulders and Marcia on Bob’s shoulders, the girls went at it. All of a sudden we all came crashing down in a pile in the surf. Laney came down on top of Marcia smashing her tit into Marcia’s face; I grabbed Marcia’s tit, making it look accidental and who knows what Bob’s status was.

About the time we started getting up, a wave crashed down on us and we all tumbled to the shore laughing and carrying on about Marcia sucking Laney’s tit. Marcia got pissed because she didn’t suck her tit and went and sat on the blanket pouting.

Bob, Laney and I went back in the water and started goofing around again. Laney started talking about how much fun our threesome a few weeks prior was and started rubbing both of our cocks through our swim trunks. Bob took off his trunks and twirled them over his head. That was when Marcia decided it was time to come back in the water. While she was coming in the water, I was taking my trunks off. Now there were two naked guys and two topless women.

Bob and I started in on how unfair it was that we were naked and they had their bottoms on, so Laney, in her true exhibitionist form, took off her bottoms. Now the three of us started egging Marcia on and she finally relented and took her bottoms off. Laney volunteered to take all of the bathing suits to the blanket and told Marcia to come with her. Bob and I stayed in the water admiring our naked wives walking up to the blanket.

We started talking about what we could do to make things interesting when the girls came back into the water. On the way in, they dove under and disappeared. The next thing we know, Bob and I had a hand around our dick and being stroked. When the persons doing the stroking came up from under the water, we found we had each other’s wife! Up to this point, Bob said that Marcia didn’t know about our threesome so I was totally shocked to find Marcia with her hand wrapped around my dick. We both got a hand job from each other’s wife and then went back up on the beach.

After drying off, Laney wanted me to put some suntan oil on her, I refused and said Bob could do it and Bob refused and said Marcia could do it. Marcia got all red and embarrassed and started stammering about how she couldn’t do that to another woman. Laney decided to call Bob and I on it and told Marcia she would put the suntan oil on her first if she would put it on Laney after. After a little hemming and hawing and a few more sips of beer, she agreed.

Laney started rubbing the suntan oil on Marcia’s back and shoulders and worked her way down to her ass and thighs and all the way to her feet. Then she had Marcia roll over and started rubbing it on the front of her shoulders, her sides, bypassing her tits, down to her stomach. Bob and I were disappointed at that, and then she started working her way back up and BINGO! She started massaging the oil into Marcia’s perky little tits and really taking her time and working it in. Bob and I sprang to immediate attention. It was the first time either one of us had seen our wife being touched by or touching another woman. What a turn on!! Laney continued massaging Marcia’s tits or a few more minutes, and then started working her way south again. When she was doing Marcia’s upper thighs, she let the side of her hand brush against Marcia’s pussy a lot and Marcia started getting moist, her breathing got faster and her hips started to rise to meet Laney’s hand. Then Laney finished working the oil into her legs and feet. By then, Bob and I were about ready to burst and we still had to see Marcia put the suntan oil on Laney! This was going to be good!

Marcia started out the same way Laney did with the shoulders and back, but when she got down to Laney’s ass, she ran her finger up and down the crack of Laney’s ass and getting her pussy from behind. When Laney turned over, she was breathing heavy and had that look in her eye like she does when she wants it and wants it now. She was hot and ready, but Marcia hadn’t even started rubbing the oil on her front yet.

When Marcia started massaging the oil into Laney’s tits, like Laney, she took her time and spent several minutes massaging the oil in. That was when I lost it! A woman was groping my wife’s naked body! All I did was touch the head of my dick and I started cumming like never before! I couldn’t control it if I wanted too!

Marcia finished up putting the oil on Laney in the same manner as Laney did to her, rubbing the back of her hand along Laney’s pussy and keeping her all worked up. By the time she was done, none of us wanted to stay at the beach any longer, all we wanted to do was fuck, so we packed up our stuff and went to our own homes.

As soon as Laney and I were in the door, we were naked again on the living room floor having the wildest sex we had had since the threesome with Bob. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I found out Laney had never touched another woman like that before but she was totally turned on by it and would do it again and maybe go further given the right set of circumstances. Damn, I loved the wild side of Laney! Bob, Marcia, Laney and I had many more encounters before our jobs took us in separate directions.

Labor Day Weekend 1981